Neon to LED Illuminated Sign Conversion

Tivoli Enterprises/Classic Cinemas asked us to repair some portions of neon on their existing sign at the Lake Theater in

Lake Theater, Oak Park, Il

Oak Park. We go to the site, remove the portions of neon, take them back to measure, and return in a few days with new neon. The challenge is that neon portions on a sign burn out and frequently have to be replaced.

We suggested converting the neon to LED (light emitting diode) illumination. The durable LED illumination isn’t as temperamental in the Winter months as neon is. It’s an energy and cost-saving alternative that is becoming the choice for exterior sign illumination.

Find out more: Parvin-Clauss Sign Company can work with you on your neon to LED sign conversion.

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Don’t Let Winter Get The Best of Your Sign

Winter in the Midwest can be a challenge. From deep freezes and snow drifts to thaws and gray slush, even the most durable signs can be challenged.

Is the neon out on your illuminated sign? Has an errant snowplow come in contact with your ground sign? Turn to Parvin-Clauss Sign Company and we will schedule a sign maintenance call.

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Why Install Landscaping Around My Sign?

If you are thinking about installing an exterior sign at your business, school or church, you are probably focusing on the type of sign – on posts or a brick or masonry base – or the  dimensions, where it will sit on your property, and certainly what your sign will say. Your thoughts about landscaping – and if you want or need landscaping – may be a low priority. However, you might want to spend some time on the landscaping around your sign for a few reasons.

First, the municipality may require a landscaping plan for your sign as a part of the sign permit approval. Most cities look for a certain percentage of landscaping based on the size of the ground sign. Second, installing landscaping will protect your sign from landscapers. A swipe from a riding mower can nick or dent your sign; a fortress of boxwoods and daylilies will create a distance from your sign and anyone riding past.

Finally, a well-planned landscaping design enhances the look of your sign, and draws the attention of those potential customers driving past. Need some ideas on what plantings survive our Midwest Winters? Take a look at this site.

Parvin-Clauss can help you with your exterior sign and offer suggestions on the right type of landscaping. Take a look at the monument signs we’ve installed recently.

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Habitat Company Upgrades Elm Street Plaza Residential Signage

Habitat Company, one of the largest multi-family property

Habitat Company Sign Fabricated and Installed by Parvin-Clauss

developers, recently upgraded their monument sign at Elm Street Plaza in Chicago. Fabricated with Alpolic, an aluminum composite, it does a great job of impersonating red granite. It’s lightweight, durable, and cost effective.

Contact us if you are interested in looking into Alpolic material for your sign.

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It Might Be Time To Upgrade Your Signs

Your exterior signs are your company’s first impression. Go outside and take a look at your signs. Better yet, drive past a few times and imagine you are a potential customer.

Centerpoint sign in Elwood, Illinois. Fabrication & installation by Parvin-Clauss.

1. Is your sign visible? Are there obstructions, such a bushes or trees that hide portions of the sign? Is your sign face seen clearly from the street?

2. Is your sign readable? As you drive past can you read all the components of the sign – name, phone number, service offerings?

3. Is your sign noticable? Is it clear, distinct, does it set you apart?

4. Does your sign set the right tone? Is is welcoming, an extension of your business.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure your signs are working for you. Your signs are your identity.

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Who Drives By Your Sign?

Do you know who looks at your sign as they drive past? Do you know how many cars drive by, who might be in those cars, and what their annual salary might be? You don’t

Reach Those Potential Customers Driving Past Your Sign

need a crystal ball. Parvin-Clauss can assist you with a traffic analysis of your area in order to help you determine who your audience might be.

We can also assist you by recommending the size and type of sign best suited for the amount of traffic that passes by your business. We work with local municipalities to verify the sign size allowed by code based on the speed limits in your area. If they drive by fast, you want a larger sign with a clear message to catch their attention.

Make sure your sign investment is working for you. Contact Parvin-Clauss Sign Company today.

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Make Sure Your Sign’s UL Listed

Most Municipalities require a sign to be UL listed. What does that mean?

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. originated in 1894 by electrical engineer William Henry Merrill shortly after he visited the Palace of Electricity and the Chicago World’s Fair. Merrill observed that standards were necessary in order to prevent hazards and guarantee that materials and products could be trusted. Placing a UL mark, or label, on the material proved that the product had passed inspection.

Today, when an illuminated sign is UL listed, UL components

Nalco Illuminated Sign in Naperville, Illinois

must be used in the fabrication of the sign, the sign must be grounded, and wires and ballasts must remain at least 1/2″ off the interior cabinet bottom. “Weep holes” are also required at the bottom of the sign cabinet so rainwater doesn’t pool within the sign, as well as an external disconnect switch.

All signs manufactured by Parvin-Clauss are UL listed. This means your sign is fabricated with quality materials that will ensure durability and a long-lasting investment in your business’ image .

For a quality UL listed sign contact Parvin-Clauss Sign Company today.

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